Major Impact Entertainment is an entertainment company that was started back in early 2009 by CEO Thomas Dulany.  After writing and recording for several years, Mr. Dulany decided to start his own company Major Impact Ent.  With several years experience in the music industry on his resume already, he knows that with some hard work and dedication that Major Impact Entertainment could become a known company in the music industry. In order to get his name and company out there, CEO Dulany has gone about making this blog in hopes to attract more people to Major Impact.  Currently Major Impact Entertainment only has 1 hip hop artist, but hopes to expand their roster in the near future after graduating in August 2010.  Some services provided by Major Impact Entertainment include Recording, Mixing, Music Production, Video Production, Photo shoots, and Artist Development.  For most people opportunities don’t just fall into your lap, and as CEO, Mr. Dulany has worked very hard to get to the position that he’s in now.  With only a couple months remaining until graduation, opportunities are already starting to arise.  Life is short, and you have to put in work to get what you want and where you wanna be.  Perseverance is something that Major Impact resembles, we won’t finish till it’s finished.


Hello world!

May 7, 2010

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